Registered Agent (Texas)

Whether your business is a corporation, limited liability company, or non-profit entity, all businesses operating in Texas are required to have a registered agent in the state. For a low, flat annual fee, you can hire Massey Legal Services, PLLC to act as the registered agent for your business in the State of Texas.  

With Massey Legal Services, PLLC as your registered agent, you do not have to worry about being served with a lawsuit at your home or office – we will receive all legal process, summons, lawsuits, and compliance mail on your behalf and scan them to you in a timely fashion.  If your business is ever sued, we receive official notice of the lawsuit first, inform you of the relevant deadlines and important next steps, and can assist you in finding the right legal representation for your lawsuit, whether or not that representation is Massey Legal Services, PLLC.