General Counsel

Massey Legal Services, PLLC can serve as General Counsel for your business providing general legal support and advice regarding all facets of your business operations.  You can hire Massey Legal Services, PLLC as General Counsel for a fraction of the cost to hire an in-house attorney while also saving on billable hourly rates.

As General Counsel, Massey Legal Services, PLLC becomes a member of your team and a true extension of your business.  The full complement and range of our business and corporate law services are at your disposal for a flat monthly rate, regardless of usage or time, excluding litigation matters.  You can call or email us with a question about a personnel issue, send us a contract to review and revise, or request that we negotiate a deal on your behalf.  In addition, we can assist in short-term and long-term strategic planning for your business by providing legal perspectives, implications, and ramifications.  All of the foregoing and more is included in your flat monthly fee.