Business, Corporate, & Transactional

In a constantly evolving marketplace and legal landscape, the highly skilled business, corporate, and transactional attorneys of MASSEY LEGAL SERVICES, PLLC have the expertise and strong track record of success to protect your interests and advance your business. We identify and address opportunities to prevent problems in the future by structuring the business relationship or transaction in a way that eliminates, or at least minimizes, disputes in the future, or provides a framework for resolving disputes that can avoid the need for business litigation.

Whatever type or size of business you have – private, family-owned, partnership, franchise, corporation, organization, nonprofit, or association – and whatever stage of its life cycle – formation, start-up, entrepreneurial venture, investment, established, expansion, reorganization, merger, acquisition, sale, or succession – we make sure all your business needs are met, from big-picture strategy to critical operations details.

Business Transactions
The attorneys of MASSEY LEGAL SERVICES, PLLC can advise and assist you in preparing, negotiating, enforcing, and protecting your commercial agreements, including the following:

Vendor Contracts
Outsourcing Agreements
Asset Purchase Agreements
Goods Purchase Contracts
Licensing Agreements
Capital Lease Contracts
Terms and Conditions of Sale
Commercial Contracts
Franchise Agreements
Representative and Distributor Agreements
Software and Other Technology Agreements

Payment Processing Agreements
E-Commerce Transactions
Privacy Policies and Terms of Use
Contract Disputes
Breach of Contract
Cease-and-Desist Demands
Contract Amendments
Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreements
Independent Contractor Agreements
Consulting Agreements

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is the system of practices, processes, and rules that direct and control your business. Effective corporate governance analyzes and balances the interests of your company’s stakeholders, such as shareholders, management, creditors, and regulators.

The attorneys of Massey Legal Services, PLLC provide counsel on many issues related to corporate governance at every stage of the company’s life cycle — from startups, to growth-stage and mature companies, to succession planning and owner exits.  We have the training and knowledge necessary to judge the situation; analyze the benefits, disadvantages, and legality of the situation; and advise you on how to make a decision in your best interest.

We can provide you and your business with a variety of general corporate issues and corporate governance matters, including:

Entity Formation
Partnership Agreements
Joint Ventures
Management Structure
Company and Operating Agreements
Buy-Sell Agreements
Holding Companies and Subsidiaries
Allocations and Distributions to Owners
Ownership Structure
Internal Investigations
Dispute Resolution
Business Succession Planning
Director and Officer Certifications
Corporate Resolutions and Written Consents
Buyouts and Rights of First Refusal
Trademark Searches and Applications

Board Meetings
Shareholder Meetings
Corporate Secretary Duties
Director and Officer Fiduciary Duties
Member and Shareholder Rights
Advising Corporate Leadership
Board of Directors and Board Committees
Advisory Committees
Management Powers and Authority
Information Rights and Records Requests
Preemptive Rights
Handling Management Disputes
Drafting and Evaluating Codes of Conduct
Responding to State and Federal Regulators
Business Dissolution and Liquidation