Buy & Sell Real Estate (Texas)

Attorney Christopher Massey with Massey Legal Services, PLLC is also a licensed Texas real estate agent and Realtor ® and can assist you with selling or buying residential or commercial property.  When it comes to selling or purchasing real estate, many issues can emerge with regard to the title to the property, boundary lines, easements, mineral and water rights, agricultural leases, zoning, and more.  Engaging Christopher Massey as your real estate agent and attorney affords you experienced counsel and representation to guide you through your real estate transaction from start to finish. 

What is the advantage of selecting Christopher Massey to serve as your real estate agent?  Most real estate agents are not also licensed attorneys and cannot provide legal advice – when there are problems or questions, the buyer or seller cannot then turn to real estate agent for help or advice.  In addition, real estate agents cannot create most contract addenda, address problems in the sales contract, deal with non-standard forms, or correct legal issues that affect the title.  This is important because if an issue arises, corrective documents may need to be obtained or created. A real estate agent that is also an attorney can provide legal advice on the best way to handle the issue, as well as prepare necessary documents, other real estate agents cannot.  Not having an attorney ready to address specific problems can delay the closing or even cause the transaction to fall apart entirely.  Christopher Massey is licensed to practice law in Texas and Colorado and can address specific legal issues you may have while providing you with necessary legal advice to guide you from contract negotiation to closing.  

Sales Agent:  Christopher T. Massey, License No. 744591
Sponsoring Broker:  GGTG Real Estate, LLC, License No. 9007386
Massey Legal Services, PLLC is not a licensed real estate sales agent or broker.

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